Roy Hunter

Posted on 5th August, 2013

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to give you all a rundown on some books I have been reading recently, one in particular.

Now this book coincides with the treatment I offer and its by Roy Hunter, its called Hypnosis for inner conflict resolution.


I'm not a massive reader and will only read books that get my attention, this certainly did, not only did it make for good reading put was able to propel my practice and way of thinking to another level.


I decided after reading this book to arrange to meet Roy Hunter and take part in his training to become a parts therapist, I wasn't happy there so I also decide to become a Parts Therapist trainer.


It was an honour to meet the great man and be part of his training methods.

Parts Therapy helps the individual who is suffering from internal conflict, now we have all been there in some shape or form, for example, there is a part of me that wants to stop smoking and a part that doesn't, I want to loose weight but some part is stopping me, you get the idea.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy and all the others I met on the training, I have not noticed any other 11 step parts therapy on offer in Wales and can count myself privileged to be called a Parts Therapist trainer when there are only a few of us world wide.


Ian Williams, clinical Hypnotherapis and trainer.


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Hi Ian,
I have been reading your article with great interest and have often wondered why I felt anxious about meeting a woman.
I find myself wanting a companion in my life but also a part of me who wants to be alone, I have never felt I have a split personality but do not know how to deal with this.
I am going to buy this book and then get in touch for some sessions.
Thanks John