Conscious & Subconscious

Posted on 6th August, 2013

Conscious & Subconscious


I have been asked this question time and time again, whilst walking my dog this morning I was pondering over it, what is Hypnosis and how does it work?


Well let’s start by saying that the conscious and the subconscious are simple metaphors for what we don’t really understand; in fact we know more about the moon than we do our own minds, quite remarkable really.


So what we do know is that when clients and others ask me questions about how Hypnosis works they are asking me in a conscious state, this part of the mind is very small so it can’t store a lot of detail, it will delete constantly and more often than not forgets things, if it was an iceberg the conscious would be the tip poking out of the water. On the other hand the subconscious would be what’s under the water, it stores everything and never forgets, its where awareness is created and under a relaxed state of somnambulism positive suggestions have a major role to play in the clients life.


I will give you an example how data is stored but on a conscious level can’t be accessed.

A client came to see me due to losing his keys, however they were quite important, not only did he need his keys they belonged to a bank manager and these keys needed to be found, he was a friend of mine and after his phone call (late at night) I arranged for him to visit me. He attended my clinic late at night and could not think of where he put his keys (he had no idea) so I put him under hypnosis and within 5 min he was able to find his keys, for me this was a typical example of not being able to access data on a conscious level but by bypassing the critical factor and inducing hypnosis anything is possible.


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