Medication, how much is placebo?

Posted on 14th July, 2014


Not been on here for a while so thought I would update you all on both myself and my practice.


As you all know by now I served in the Royal Green Jackets for 8 years, in this time I was very fortunate to meet some very special people who I had and still have the privilege of calling friends. It’s very difficult to explain to those who have not served in the military how these friendships are formed and maintained, yes you have falling outs and disagreements but when the time comes and trust me it will come, I can rely on my buddy to watch my back and vice versa.


I just returned from Winchester, home of my Regiment and met up with fellow Riflemen after 25 years and to say it was emotional was an understatement. One person I would like to mention is my old friend Bill (not real name), who was vaccinated (precautionary, we didn’t know what would be thrown at us out there) before the first war in Iraq, this has led to many issues including walking and major health concerns, at one point he informed me that he nearly died, to say I was shocked and horrified by this once superb soldier’s demise was an understatement.


Bill to date has had op after op, medication he now has to take, this is beyond a joke but is it all necessary???


Sometimes our thinking is limited due to the medication we take, we get told by professionals that we should and need certain medication to function, however our mind tends to slip into this way of thinking hence the body follows. Now I’m not saying we don’t need medication, of course we do, what I’m saying is that the mind can help provide both physical and emotional wellbeing where sometimes medication fails. The amount of times I get clients attending my clinic after their GP had run out of ideas are too many to recall.


So Bill lives too far for me to treat so I have referred him to a very good friend of mine, hopefully he will improve and I will update this blog often with the results.


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