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 The most advanced hypnotherapeutic treatment available.

 Now you are able to lose all your excess body weight without surgery or watching points all those yo, yo diets. I will teach you the methods to achieve the most Rapid Weight Loss safely and how to remain slim and healthy permanently. My methods are proven to be the most effective weight loss ever.












You will have sound knowledge on how to deal with any emotional aspect of eating, learn how to deal with cravings and boredom, most importantly leave dieting behind you for good. After completing treatment eating will seem normal, size portions will remain small but sense of fullness will remain.


The main thereapies used:

Assessment Generic weight loss-Also a recording before first session

Half full-Eat less still feel full., with recording

Snack removal- take away those crisps, chocolate, pies and pasties without cravings.

Boredom process-Food will become cumbersome and the want for food will slip away, leaving a balanced regime.

Eat slowly; eat less-Exactly what is says

Virtual Gastric band session, with recording

Follow up session-Ascertain whats working well and whats not.

2 sessions to complete treatment-If we are still off target no more to pay, we keep going untill target is complete.



Gastric band hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to convince individuals that they have had a gastric band fitted but without the fears, risks, cost and side effects of going through the actual surgical procedure.

Diets don't work!!!! Over the years I have seen many people yo yo diet, they lose weight, body goes into starvation mode, then you put the weight back on.

With my weight loss programme we work with the mind so all changes are permanent, hence deal with the mind and the body will follow.


The operation

 The procedure itself will be intended to mimic that of the real surgical procedure, often implementing the use of sound and smell to make the experience more authentic. Ian will usually begin by taking you into a deeply relaxed state which will see your pulse rate drop to a rate not far from the level it falls to whilst you are asleep. In this state of deep relaxation your subconscious can then be accessed and you will be far more susceptible to positive suggestion.

You will then be taken through the operation step by step and throughout the procedure though you will be deeply relaxed you will still remain aware of what's going on around you. Ian will take you through the entire procedure from being put under the anaesthetic, to the first incision, to the closing off the gastric band to having the final stitch put in.

Soon after the procedure is complete individuals will hopefully feel the sensation of fullness after just a few mouthful’s which will mean they feel hungry less often and eat less when they do eat.



 Individuals usually find they achieve a steady on going weight-loss and some hypnotherapists request that their patients return so they are able to monitor the weight loss and see if an adjustment to the gastric band is needed (this is also a requirement of actual surgery) to either speed or slow down the weight-loss.

Additional follow up sessions may also involve the use of CBT as this will help individuals to identify and understand their actions and take responsibility for them, a technique which will help a great deal in preventing the same problem from reoccurring in the future.

Other techniques such as visualisation may also be used at some stage. For instance you may be asked to picture an item of clothing which you love but don't fit into after gaining weight. Ian will ask you to visualise yourself wearing this item once again so next time you are planning on overindulging or are going to eat even though you're not truly hungry this image of you will come into mind and will act as a deterrent.

Patients are also often encouraged to return for a long term weight management session where Ian will often discuss and formulate a maintenance plan which will help them to maintain their weight on a long term basis