Both my daughters are busy planning their weddings the first of which happens late this year, whereas I have been in a state of panic about it all as I have gained a lot of weight in the last year - again!!  Having dieted many times with some good results it never lasted and I always ended up putting the weight back on again.  I decided that drastic action was required if I wanted to find a nice outfit for the first wedding in August.  I did some research on hypnosis and talked to a few people and decided to contact Ian for a chat.  He was very helpful, explaining the process and what to expect. I decided to give it a go.I have now had four sessions with Ian, 3 of which have been under hypnosis and so far have lost 11lbs.  I find the sessions extremely tiring but also  relaxing and come out of each session feeling a renewed sense of motivation to continue with the weight loss.  To date this is the easiest I have found trying to lose weight, I don’t feel I want to eat chocolate and crisps which have always been my weakness.  I still enjoy a meal out once a week where I allow myself to have anything I want and haven’t found it difficult to maintain healthy eating the rest of the week.   I have also been far more active than usual which obviously has it’s own health benefits. I was a bit wary and sceptical prior to starting these sessions but I have found that Ian makes you feel at ease and comfortable and is very easy to talk to.  All in all I am extremely satisfied with the results so far.



 I have had a very unhealthy relationship with food, especially chocolate, for almost 50 years. From the very first session with Ian this changed for the better.

We discussed issues from my past and the present-day anxieties resulting from them, which the therapy instantly began to relieve. Further sessions have reinforced this strength and confidence, and I am steadily losing weight.

Thank you Ian for enabling me to face my demons and move on!



I was a smoker for 30 years, with many unsuccessful attempts to stop. Until I met Ian Williams. He first told me to not smoke for 4 hours, which seemed impossible for me to do. He then came to my home and told me to relax whilst he took me through his process using his tools to enable me to go to a place in my mind I had never been before. He relieved me of the compulsion for cigarettes. Many Thanks Ian.

David M


I have suffered with anxiety for many years, particularly in performance situations. I recently was facing an interview and decided to try EMDR and Hypnotherapy, it was a profound experience! My anxiety reduced dramatically during the session and continued to remain at a very low levels, it slightly increased during the first 5 minutes of the interview, but I was able to ground myself using techniques that I had been taught by the therapist, my anxiety subsided within five minutes and remained at a manageable low level. On reflection, I found the therapist very experienced and although on times during the therapy I could not make logical sense of the process, I did at all times feel safe and in good hands. I would highly recommend the therapist Ian Williams and his methods of therapy, if it worked for me it could also work for you.... I got the job yipee.

Vanessa W


I had top treatment from Ian was made to feel really relaxed I have smoked for over 16 years and have tried to give up a few times always going back after treatment from Swansea Holistic Therapies I feel amazing it is coming up to a month now and to be honest with the tools I was given I don’t want to smoke, don’t feel like smoking and feel great the quality for me was top thanks Ian for helping me get out of a lifelong smoking habit thanks Alex.

Alex G


After having my baby and not losing the weight and going into a deeper depression, I decided to give hypnotherapy for weight loss and self-confidence. I looked around the web and decided to give IAN WILLIAMS a ring. Right from the start Ian was so calming and understood where I was coming from and my needs. I booked in for the 4 sessions which covers the gastric balloon and self-confidence/anxiety. First meeting was overwhelming and I found myself opening up about a lot of things which have been hidden for a long time, which contributed to the root of my problems. I found the suggestions that Ian gave me really helpful and I felt great!! I feel more confident, more happy and most importantly I feel a lot better in myself. I wish I had tried this sooner.... But by heck I am glad I am found him!!!!! THE OLD ME IS ON HER WAY BACK..... Thank you Ian :-).

Jacqui L


Really pleased with the service Ian Williams provided, not just did I receive my sessions but he was willing to do the exercise with me and I am still getting phone calls and txts to support me in my weight loss... After my session I felt tired but positive about losing weight... I suffered with anxiety towards what people "might" be thinking but he worked on that too and now I feel positive towards all aspects of my life.

Would recommend to anyone, amazing!



I decided to give hypnotherapy for weight loss a try due to having tried lots of different diets which I was forever getting bored of. The shock I had was when I got on the scale 4 weeks ago and my weight read 14st 4lbs. i was horrified for I was now 3 and a half stone over weight. I had a few consultations with Ian Williams before the actual therapy where we concentrated on what makes me eat so much. Also I found the suggestions that Ian gave me really helpful. Ian helped me to feel very comfortable and was also very professional. After the first session of therapy I felt very tired and slept like a baby. That morning after i awoke I felt very motivated and excited about changing the way that I eat. i have stuck to 3 basic meals a day replacing my high calorie snacks with fruit. After the first 10 days after the therapy I had lost 4 pounds. I also after the first week started going out on a slow jog for 20 minutes and then straight on the power plate for 20 minutes 3 times a week. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed in such a short time. I feel more confident, more happy and so very motivated. I have not gone on the scale since the first 10 days and I have not felt the need too due to my clothes feeling slacker. All my friends are telling me that I look a lot better and most importantly I feel a lot better in myself. Also I feel that all these other diets were worth nothing for it did not change my thinking. This therapy is worth every penny and I will certainly recommend this to everyone. My next goal is to quit smoking. My new confidence is giving me the motivation to do this Bring it on I say!!!!

Sian I


 Relaxed Atmosphere, obtained outcomes i desired. Ian Williams is highly experienced and very professional. Will visit again & recommend to others!

Claire R


After a relationship breakdown and having a baby I was in a very bad place when I decided to give Ian a call. From the first session He made me feel very relaxed, comfortable and helped me motivate myself. Although my weight loss was slow he helped me realise I had a lot more issues which were interfering with my relationship with food. As the sessions progressed I felt more and more positive with the confidence and motivation to achieve my goals. 6 months on I am in a much happier place mentally and physically with the drive to get where I want to be in myself and my life.

Jess S


The sessions I have had with Ian have been incredibly valuable. Ian has taught me the skills to deal with past issues that were holding me back and preventing me from moving forward productively. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before, more in control and focused on the future and achieving my goals. ff

Thank you Ian!!!

M Williams


An amazing experience with fantastic results.

No one was more sceptical about hypnotherapy than me, however after completing a course with Ian I feel more motivated, more confident and more determination to succeed.

I have achieved my goals, get fit, be healthy, reduce my cholesterol and drop 2 dress sizes. Result!

Thank you Ian........

J Williams



 I decided to visit Ian whilst going through some life changing health problems. Ian made me feel welcome. I had to make some life changing decisions and found Ian's sessions most helpful in dealing with my emotions and anxiety issues. Ian is very easy to talk to and made me feel very welcome. Ian Taught me some very interesting techniques that i now use daily when feeling emotional, they provide the tools i need to get me through my day. Than you Ian !!


I am very happy to tell all my friends and family that for the past 9 months i have been coming to see Ian, it has changed my life for the better, not only am i more confident and happy i have also lost a stone and half in weight. I am training to do a half marathon and a 12 k assualt course with other clients who have worked with Ian.

It has been the best thing i have done, i have lost the weight on a subconscious/conscious level without the yo,yo effect, it now stays at the weight i want, i never thought it possible at the start, i recommend Ian all the time, a big thank you Ian xxxx



  Hi Ian

I would like to thank you for my hypnotherapy sessions with you.

I wanted to provide you with feedback.

I contacted you to enquire if you would be able to help me through what I


considered to be a difficult period in a


personal relationship and needed help to discover who I am again; to regain my


confidence in my own abilities, relationships and social interactions.

After an initial consultation with you, we agreed on a therapeutic plan with an


agreed number of sessions.

I feel my sessions with you helped me to regain confidence in myself, helped me


to re-discover who I am, feel comfortable and rationalise my thoughts and


feelings and overall improved my relationship and how I interact and how I


interact and respond to others in social situations. I


would highly recommend you to others & once again thank.





I Developoed a severe rash that effected my sleep, work and private life due


to the contant pain, inflammation and itching. Over the course of three weeks i


had taken three types of antihistamines, five creams and was in and out of the


Doctors with no success. One session with Ian and following his suggestions



which only took 5 min of my time to complete my rash reduced significantly. It


was not an overnight thing but had an immediate improvment, each passing day


using the methods it eased up and got better which was doing way more than


the Doctors suggestions/prescriptions.Within one week i was better and didnt


need any medication and my sleep improved so much.


Thank you very much Ian  




I went to Ian for help because after 30 years biting and picking my hands,


nails and skin it was becoming such an issue and they wear in a right mess,


always bleeding, tender and sore. Due to the nature of my job and the risk it 


posed i had to do something about it but didnt know what?


Ian Williams Hypnotherapy was recommended to me by a friend who had 


treatment and it was a success.


From the inital assessment Ian made me feel quite comfortable, Ian is very 


approacable and not like what i imagined a clinical hypnotherapist would be like, 


his methods seem quite modern and enjoyable with fast results.


I thought Hyonosis was about going to sleep and waking up, Ian explained the 


process and what to expect from the get go, he was always available in 


between session if need be.


Not only did he cure my anxiety issue with my hands, i feel a completley


New person, better than i have done in years, it's not to say i didnt have a 


few relapses along the way but i was taught to learn from these, this again


empowered my progress.


I would highly recommend Ian Williams Hypnotherapy clinic to anyone who 


wished to be treated in a safe eviroment with positive outcomes.


Thank you so much Ian





Dear Ian


My name is John and i live down the mumbles, 1 year ago 1st December 2017 i contacted Ian in refrence to stopping smoking. Ian attended my home due to being busy in his clinic and provided treatment for me to quit smoking. To this day, year today i am still a non smoker and have lost all interest in regards to smoking, in fact it makes me feel sick when i smell smoke.


Not only as it helped with my finances, i feel 100% better in myself, being a non smoker is everything it's ment to be, i have gained weight, my food tastes better, i look healthier.


Please if you wish to give up contact Ian, before, during and after treatment Ian is Available at all times, i realy do recommend his services.


Many thanks Ian  John


Hi i went to see Ian as i was suffering from stress due to dealing with the effects breast cancer and other personal problems. Ian is the best, the advice and help he provided is amazing, and after having my first hypnotherapy session, i slept all night, first time in years.


I cannot praise Ian enough, if you have any ongoing problems pick up the phone and speak to him, by not dealing with your issues you are not living, we owe it to ourselves to be happy and enjoy life.  Alison


After being with Ian for the past 10 months, the results i have had are amazing!  A total  weight loss of over 6 stone, i could never have done it without yoy efforts, treatments and encouragement. I will and have recommended you to anyone. You were always on the phone if i needed anything. Thank you so Much! Steve


The help i have recived from you is amazing,i'd never had done this without you. You've helped me so much, the journey i have been on loosing 7 stone in total thus far. You have helped me transorm my life and my thinking. I can highly recommend Ian, thanks you! Nia


It was fantastic, i originally booked 3 groupon sessions, i added one more for my anxiety issues. My mindset was changed after 2 booked the last one just to say thank you and close the sessions down. I highly recommend anyone with anxiety to contact Ian. Thank You! Liam


Seen Ian 2 years ago and recently caught up with each other so i decided to write a review. Both my daughter were planning their weddings, the first of which happens this year. I was in a state of panic about it as i have gained a lot of weight over the past few years. Having dieted many times before with some good results, i always put the weight back on. This time i decided drastic action was required, i wanted to find a nice outfit to wear for the first wedding in August (2018). I did some research and spoke to many people, and Ian's name kept coming up time and time again with people having been to him and getting great results. I decided to contact Ian for a chat and made an appointment. He explained the process from day 1, i was fully aware what to expect but did not expect the changes that just seemd to happen without even thinking about it. I lost 11lbs in my first 3 sessions and continued to lose weight as the treatment continued. I got down to my dress size way before August and just before the wedding had to have another dress size cut due to more weight loss. This was to date the easiest and best way to lose weight. I am still the same weight with no weight gain. Ian I can't thank you enougth! Lynn
















respond to others in social situations. I would highly recommend you to others & once again thank you.